Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 55 (February 24th)

Went on a really awesome adventure today with Lisa! We went up to Donner summit to take photos and we decided to go climb this mountain side to get to the old train tunnels in the hill. We started walking through the tunnels and I saw a thing blocking the light from the other side so we ventured further across the ice at the bottom of the tunnel, and found this really awesome frozen water fall in the middle of the tunnel. We came across 3 guys walking through the tunnel that gave me lots of history on the tunnel and the rail way! This was the origional tunnel through the hill side that was made by the Chinese immigrant workers. This tunnel was dug at 7 inches a day for however long it took to get to the other side, and where the water fall is their is a whole going to the surface where they started carving this tunnel. It was a really awesome trip.

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